Its October Giveaway By Naomie

There are simple rules for this Giveaway, because I know that it is so annoying if there are too many rules to follow. Right?

The Rules :


So the Prizes for this GiveAway are:
1. 2xRM5.00 topup
2. Two novels with theautograph of the outhers
3. Three pieces Tudung BAwal Adijuma
4. Two pieces of bracelet

The total winners that I will pick are 9 winners. And DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT ON BELOW, AND LEAVE YOUR LINK AFTER MAKING AN ENTRY. !
Duration: 1st October 2014 untill 10th October 2014.

Till then. Good Luck!

SLOGAN : I Really Love October Because That Month Have Many Sweet & Sour Life . . Kenangan Dan Masalah Mematangkan Saya Lagi Dan Membawa Saya Kearah Lebih Baik . . In Shaa Allah . . AMIN !!


  1. hello sis. salam. Just come to visit all the contestant for my GA. love ur blog , Its pink.. hihi. good luck . :) done follow your blog ya. :)

  2. singgah dari segmen yang sama


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