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Yeah, Sekarang Nak Tonton Ceghita Hantu THE HAUNTED SCHOOL HORROR FULL MOVIE . . Nak Tengok Tak ?? Ni Bawah Saya Dah Letakkan Videonya , Senang Tak Payah Nak Mencari Lagi Kan . Enjoy Ya :)

A bunch of semi-hot idols get freaked out in The Haunted School, a so-so teen horror flick produced by the guy who directed the film that inspired The Departed.Infernal Affairs co-director Andrew Lau had a hand in this deadly-generic genre entry, though it's former exploitation king "Cash" Chin Man-Kei who's at the helm. Chin certainly seems to have learned from Lau; Haunted School is full of flashy editing tricks and completely superfluous style. Shock sound effects, overamped screams, MTV-style flashes and cuts - Chin employs a full repertoire of stylish film technique in an attempt to jazz up this tired genre. He partly succeeds; Haunted School is egregiously stylish, which could amuse ADD-addled audiences looking for more than the usual slow-moving Asian horror fare. Whether or not you should see the film is relative to what you're expecting. Those looking for transcendent Asian horror should look elsewhere, while those looking for afterschool time killing with similarly-uniformed high school friends may be partially amused. However, regardless of who you are, this is not a good film.

The action picks up at an all-girls school which is about to get four new students. The problem: they're all boys. The arrival of Hon-Keung (Tsui Tin-Yau of Shine), Dick (Steven Cheung of Sun Boy'z), Ben (Dennis Mak of Sun Boy'z) and Charlie (EEG product Don Li) sends the all-girl student body into a tizzy, but stern teacher Miss Fong (Amande Lee) vehemently disapproves. She cites the school's many strangely stringent rules, including one that forbids the students from falling in love. However, the rules have more to them than a punishment of detention; the school actually has a mysterious tragic history tied to the rules, which is spelled out rather explicitly in the film's opening credits. Basically, you break a rule and some ghostly spectre of the school comes after you, usually resulting in your untimely death and the appearance of a black person-shaped shadow on the school lobby wall. Each day a cleaning lady tries to wipe off the shadow, but it never seems to disappear. One would think that little fact would make everybody leave the school right away, but it seems the school has still been in business for twenty-plus years with disturbing person-shaped shadows clinging to the walls. Parents: please do better research when choosing schools for your kids

Yah, Nak Sambung Tengok Movie . . Kbye :)



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